About Us

Global Outsourcing Dynamics Business Solutions Inc. (G.O.D.) is one of Cagayan De Oro’s pioneer non-voice BPO. It was incorporated in January 31, 2017, however, the departments consisting G.O.D. were an off shoot of the existing departments of Velox Energy Philippines Corporation and VEPCO Group Distribution Corporation. The creation of G.O.D. was aimed in professionalizing the existing business processes of the conglomerates under the Tan Group of Companies (TGC). Furthermore, G.O.D. was also created to make available the quality, efficient and effective business processes observed by its various departments, not only to the TGC but to all business or company wishing to avail its services. Currently, G.O.D. is composed of five departments namely, Human Resource Management Department, Finance and Accounting Department, Management Information System Department, Audit Department and Case and Compliance Management Department. Each department offers a wide array of services to its business partners and customers.